Oracle Exadata Expert’s Handbook

Spanning both ends of the database family spectrum, a run-away success, the blazingly fast Oracle Exadata Database Machine has been embraced by thousands of users worldwide — in government, the military, the large corporate enterprise to small business operations.

Whether it is mundane day-to-day database-centric operations or in ecosystems that, absolutely require nothing less than “extreme” database performance coupled with maximum levels of high availability in VLDB environments, Exadata has proved to be a viable and successful solution. The Oracle Exadata Expert’s Handbook is today’s most authoritative and practical guide to administering Oracle Exadata with maximum reliability, effectiveness, performance, and efficiency.


Written by consortium of internationally-respected independent Oracle technology experts, it brings together core day-to-day knowledge, experiences, best practices, tips, and tricks you won’t find anywhere else. Covering both 11g and 12c versions of the underlying Oracle Exadata software, it provides hands-on, step-by-step coverage of all this, and more:

  • Working with Oracle Exadata Compute Nodes, Networking and Storage Cells
  • Gaining maximum performance by combining Exadata Flash Cache, Smart Scans, and Cell Offload Processing
  • Taking full advantage of Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression (HCC)
  • Efficiently performing day-to-day Exadata administration tasks
  • Performing Exadata Backup/Recovery/DR with RMAN and Data Guard
  • Managing, monitoring, administering and supporting Exadata with OEM12c
  • Migrating to Oracle Exadata from other platforms
  • Patching Oracle Exadata on a regulatory periodic basis
  • Using Oracle Exadata with the ZFS Storage Appliance
  • Systematically tuning Oracle Exadata for extreme performance
  • Consolidating within the Exadata Database Cloud
  • Mastering the most valuable Oracle Exadata tools and utilities

Providing 360-degree coverage, practical actionable ideas are summarized in bullet points for fast access throughout the length and breadth of the book. In addition to Section Summaries, Author Observations and Industry Recommendations, Chapters even contain “Job Interview Questions” sections identifying issues DBAs and DMAs should be ready for when, interviewing for positions involving Oracle Exadata.